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We develop the most effective plan of studio equipment, with the highest-class Vacu Activ equipment and prepare a project with 3D visualization for each room with the appropriate arrangement of our devices.


How to start ?

Show us your idea and provide technical projections of the rooms, and we will advise and design selected types of fitness equipment, cryos, saunas, deck chairs and showers. We will develop the design of the studio in line with the appearance of the Vacu Activ brand, starting from the entire concept, through its philosophy, design, implementation and installation of devices. We will provide all guidelines on how to prepare a media room, i.e. water supply and drainage, power connection, and making ventilation openings. We will provide all advertising materials, know-how, train the staff and advise accordingly in every aspect. We have specially developed a business plan that is effective and will help you quickly develop brand and investments.



We offer innovative slimming devices with cryotherapy capsules. The equipment is delivered directly from the manufacturer (from us), which also guarantees the highest quality, warranty and technical support. Our devices are world-class and use the latest technologies available on the market. Our devices were created with the mission of promoting a healthy lifestyle and triggering activity and are adapted to the current lifestyle of a person, i.e. both the need for an attractive appearance and the frequent lack of time. Extensive functionality (including infrared, aromatherapy, chromotherapy) allows you to effectively fight unnecessary kilograms. Using an infrared treadmill, we will achieve better results than exercising on a regular treadmill - exercise in special conditions maximizes the effectiveness of physical activity. An additional advantage of the devices is their unique design - great They fit into the modern design of beauty salons, fitness clubs and all body shaping studios.

Our equipment has been awarded and honored at many national and international fairs and competitions. We have won, among others The Gold Medal of the Poznań International Fair for Innovative Solutions and the Highest Quality of Manufactured Equipment.

Create a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive Vacu Activ studio in one place. A combination of fitness equipment for intensive training with effective regeneration thanks to the cryotherapy capsule.

Fitness equipment
- Bodyshape treadmill
- Horizontal bicycle Infrashape Horizontal
- Rollshape Rollmassage
- Hydroshape aqua bike
- Vibrashape Vibrator platform

Cryotherapy equipment
- Cryo Total closed cryochamber for cryotherapy
- Activ Cryo V2 or ActivCryo cryosauna
- Cryo Local Q local cryotherapy


What do we guarantee?

- opening the studio under a strong and recognizable brand on the world market, Vacu Activ Studio
- design and arrangement of the premises, examining its technical condition on the basis of the submitted documents - analysis and verification of the premises lease agreement
- warranty service
- accounting consultancy
- assistance in creating business plans
- assistance in obtaining financing sources: loan, leasing, EU subsidies
- a solid dose of introductory knowledge and regular training confirmed certificates
- preparation of advertising materials projects, incl. leaflets, banners, posters
- help with the organization of local events, preparation of scenarios, cost estimates
- help in organizing the Grand Opening of the Studio, preparation of a script, lottery
- help in determining the price policy and offer
- providing ready-made materials for practical use in the Studio: customer cards, programs exercises
- promotion of the company on our website and in social media
- help in building a website, sharing photos and texts
- we enable participation in all advertising campaigns organized by Vacu Activ.


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