Sanetiq - Temperature body control and automatic non-contact hand disinfection station with multimedia kiosk

Sanetiq - Temperature body control and automatic non-contact hand disinfection station with multimedia kiosk


A new solution
for current needs

Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus
(COVID-19) in 2020, body temperature detection and disinfection has become a necessary means to identify and prevent viral infections.

That's why we created the device

which will help protect and facilitate everyday struggles

SANETIQ is a new quality of hand disinfection stations with a built-in thermal imaging sensor for measuring body temperature and a multimedia kiosk that displays advertisements or important messages on a large screen to employees or clients. The device has an automatic liquid dispenser that reacts to the movement of the hand to ensure hygiene in the workplace or store.

Display ads or important messages


The device can display advertising content in the form of video files or static photos/pictures at the same time measuring body temperature and dispensing liquid/soap into your hands. This smart device can display important, custom messages or ads to attract the attention of customers or instruct employees.Thanks to this functionality your customers and employees will feel much safer.

Wireless upload

What is important SANETIQ allows you in a simple way to control and manage content on the screen wirelessly by connecting to the same wifi network.

Management of video ads is done through intuitive and simple software installed into the device. An additional advantage of this solution is that the display of advertisements or messages to employees can be synchronized simultaneously across all devices. After starting the device, video and photo materials are automatically launched in the loop.


We equipped device with very precise and sensitive thermal sensors that quickly diagnose the current body temperature.

temp measure

The measuring temperature process is very simple and fast. Approaching the device, the 8-inch screen will automatically display the live view of the camera with the measured person. The current temperature will be displayed on the same screen along with voice commands or audio alerts if the sensor detects an elevated temperature.

The horizontal led light above the screen also indicate the right color for the measured temperature.


SANETIQ has built in infrared sensor which detects your hand and automatically ejects the liquid.

A capacious tank
for liquid

Inside, we've installed a huge liquid container that is enough for over 8,000 use. The tank can be filled without opening the device and the sensor will show the current level of liquid soap inside.

Applicable for every sector

We have made every effort to ensure that our device was pragmatic, safe but at the same time combined modern design. Thanks to the application and use of new technologies, we are able to offer a device that will significantly protect the operation of large factories, branches, offices and reduce cross-infection.

Sport facilities
Sport teams

Shopping centers

Medical clinics


Device is ideally suited in the supermarkets, shopping centers, retail shops, fairs, salons, gyms, spa’s, offices, sport facilities, schools, universities, kindergartens, hospital, medical facilities, clinics, restaurants, manufacturing plants, theatres, cinemas, airports, govertment etc.





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