Rollmassage Rollshape by vacu activ has been designed to meet increasing demands of users.


Device has been created to withstand a very long time of use.

Additional elements located on the basis ensure a perfect stability of Rollshape.

Rollshape design is work of the best professionals from space projects. Rounded elements in combination with movable walls look perfect. Material from which Rollshape was made as his other parts, ideally suites to full design.

  RollShape by vacu activ Standard
It is the basic version of machine for roll massage.

Beauty and futuristic shapes go hand in hand with functionality and wide scope of use.
  Rollmassage RollShape by vacu activ Prestige Touch
Compared to standard version, Prestige model has Infrared and Chromotherapy.
which is extending blood vessel, lets body to get rid of large amounts of accumulated toxins deposited in the deeper layers of skin. Body warming in addition affects muscle relaxation thanks to which treatment is more effective. Infrared thanks to it characteristics is one of the most popular therapy.
It is therapy which uses selected colors to have impact on the organism. Variable light colors have significant effect on hormonal response in the body. Thanks to this therapy we can increase resistance and restore balance of body.
  Rollmassage RollShape by vacu activ Exclusive Touch
Most advanced version of roll massage machine. It is equipped with Infrared, Chromotherapy, Collagen lamps and Air Ionization. Only device on market with this scope of functions.
Ageing skin is flabby, dry and wrinkles start to appear on it. It is effect of changes in basic skin builder: Collagen. With age number of quantity of collagen fibers is getting smaller and they are getting thickened. To prevent this in Rollshape we used radiation of specially selected wavelenghts. Synergistic radiation affects skin repair processes, further supported by massage.
Air Ionization
Modern environment is full of positive ions, produced by electronic equipment. Living in such environment affect drowsiness, malaise and fatigue. Air ionization supplies air with health ions, making you feel better and getting to our body portion of energy it needs.