Cryo Flow

Cryo Flow

Cryo Flow

Localized electrical cryotherapy machine


Cold air therapy


Cryo Flow is a modern device that decrease body temperature in order to reduce inflammation and soreness, increase collagen production, boost immune system, help to minimize chronic stress, relax muscles, rise level of body energy, lower back pain. This is not medical equipment and used as wellness and recovery purposes in sport and beauty industry.


Wide range of


Our innovative cryotherapy system allows to evenly distribute the cold air flow over the surface of the skin with a point and controlled dosage to achieve the desired effect of the procedure for athletes recovery.

Highly effective Cryo Flow cold air device from Vacu Activ world manufacturer of cryotherapy chambers and localized cryo machines intended for use in sports, wellness, beauty studious and more.

Cryo Flow specifiacation
Cryo Flow is a electrical cryotherapy device and completely nitrogen-free.

- The air cooled down to temperatures between
-15 to -30oC (5 to -22F).

- Adjustable airflow

- Fully controlled touch screen operation

- Movable localized cryotherapy device

- Intensive cooling treatment without risk of freezing


What is cold air cooling?

This is advanced refrigeration technology to produce cool blowing. Device uses an air compressor that takes the atmospheric air in, compresses it and finally releases by the handle to the surface area of the body.

Cold air cooling is widely used in sport and wellness to reduce muscle pain and get muscle relaxation.

Unlike other cooling methods, such as contact cooling, cryogen spray or ice packs, cold air blowing is  safety recovery treatment with no contact to skin.

- help to reduce muscle pain

- Protects the tissues & skin after sport injuries

- Minimize possible inflammations and/or the risk of swelling after treatment

- helps to prevent skin infection


What is Local cold air


The treatments are based on powerful freezing cold air temperature directed to demanding places on the body or skin. The use of this type of treatment helps in cooling the epidermis for protect and recovery after sport injuries .

By simply blowing this cold air on the skin for a few minutes, the skin will be thoroughly cooled for treatment – reducing pain and make muscle relaxation.

About Cryo Flow 

Our device has a powerful and reliable system for heavy, everyday operation and is a great addition to any sport rehabilitation and wellness facility that wants a fast and effective numbing option for athletes .

Device is equipped with high power compressor which makes the system work for a long period of time continuously (Keeping the lowest temperature can give up to 2 hours treatment under 4th level of fan speed)

Cryo Flow distinguishes itself from the competition by the possibility of setting very high speed of fans to makes air emitting stronger for better cooling results. It is possible to set up to 6 degrees cooling fan speed for various treatment.

For us, the safety of our products is paramount, so we have equipped Cryo Flow with self defrosting system for best cooling performance and installed self water drainage system to make cleaning more safe and comfortable. The device is equipped in a automatic fuse to protect it and make the treatment procedures secured. The whole housing and the device is also thermally protected.

In addition to the modern and innovative appearance of the device, we have installed 10-inch multi color touchscreen for display intuitive user interface and easy control of the device functions and features. Our machine gives you the ability to manage various options like: air speed adjustments (from 1 to 6), set the temperature from -4oC to -30oC, quick and easy defrost button.

Ambient room air is filtered and cooled down to -30oC by a closed loop cooling circuit. Thanks to that we made cost efficient machine with no consumable or additional costs.



The Producer informed the Equipment is fitness or wellness purposes equipment for sport recovery and rehab purposes only which are not FDA approved for medical usage or other usage which required FDA. This is not medical equipment. Current product could not use any adversing description of the Equipment from the Producer’s web site or other info ways as a statements of healthcare benefits of the Equipment. Producer shall not liability for all or any statements regarding a healthcare futures and benefits of Equipment which provided to a clients.