vacu treadmill

Treadmill with negative pressure and infrared IR

An innovative fitness device that fuses cardio with skincare benefits. Closed capsule with a built-in treadmill (optionally with a stepper or a bicycle), in which the training is supported by infrared heating therapy, under pressure vacuum and other functions increasing the effectiveness of exercises, encouraging weight loss and cellulite reduction. Modernist look, intuitive operation, innovative technology - these features make Bodyshape give a completely new quality to slimming training.


Additional functions
combined in 1 device


Stimulates the body's immune system to function and restores its natural balance. The use of properly selected essential oils supports: regeneration of the epidermis, biological renewal of the body, fighting infections, circulation and oxygenation of the blood.


Uses the natural properties of ozone, i.e. a strong bactericidal and fungicidal stimulant. This element also has significant oxidizing properties. The mixture of oxygen and ozone is the most effective weapon in the fight against microorganisms that attack the human body. Ozone therapy is used in the case of bacterial infections, to stimulate the circulatory system and to improve cell metabolism.


Based on the use of properly selected colors that affect the functioning of the body. A specific color of light stimulates the brain to specific hormonal reactions, and the hormones produced in the glands are transmitted through the bloodstream to internal organs, activating them and regulating their work. Chromotherapy increases immunity, gives additional energy, restores the body's balance, calms down and increases the overall level of satisfaction.

Collagen lamp

The simulation of skin cellular activity by means of red light with an appropriately selected wavelength The light penetrates deep into the skin and additionally stimulates the processes of its self-healing and reconstruction. In this way, the healing of wounds and the disappearance of scars is accelerated. The aging process of the skin also slows down - collagen and elastin fibers are rebuilt.


Our environment today is full of positive ions produced by electronic equipment. Being in such an environment increases sleepiness, worsens general well-being and increases fatigue. This function enriches the air with health ions, improving the psychophysical functioning of the body, which also receives a portion of additional energy.


Stimulates the muscles with low-frequency current. Using special electrodes, it makes it possible to work on selected parts of the body - supplies hard-to-reach places with necessary substances. Electrostimulation reduces tension and improves the process of nourishing the muscles, improves blood supply to tissues, and also has an analgesic effect.

This device can be programmed for the needs of both beginners or advanced users and is both user friendly and effective at delivering an unparalleled cardio workout experience.


Manufactured directly by Vacu Activ on special components. Equipped with a powerful three-phase brushless motor that guarantees failure-free operation.

Maximum speed


Maximum incline


Orthopedic running belt





Generated by a specially designed vacu pump, which increases several times the efficiency of each training session.

Maximum negative pressure


- supports fat burning,

- eliminates cellulite up to 80%,

- reduction in circumference from 8 to 20 cm,

- slims and shapes the figure,

- improves blood circulation (smooth, elastic and firm skin),

- improves the functioning of the circulatory and lymphatic systems.

Infrared IR

Modern radiators provide the full spectrum of infrared radiation IR-A, IR-B and IR-C. They deliver healing thermal radiation directly to the deep subcutaneous layers. In this way, they accelerate the metabolic process, dilate blood vessels, improve blood flow and oxygenate tissues.

Maximum IR radiation


- cleansing the body of toxins,

- treatment of injuries and rheumatism,

- discharge of stress tensions,

- reducing the feeling of fatigue,

- fat burning,

- skin firming.

30 minutes training

Regular treadmill


more calories burned

Effects are visible after


fitness technology for weight loss

Uniting our achievements in science and engineering, we have created quality products that outperform our competitors and eclipses the benefits of traditional fitness equipment. Through our advanced vacuum compression & infrared technology, our devices activate your body’s ability to target and burn specific areas of fat and cellulite, making it much easier for your body to rid itself of deeply stored fat.

The technology used in Bodyshape machine has been tested and proven to work. Lose weight, inches and at the same time get smoother and tighter skin in less than 10 sessions.

Enhanced training

Aroma therapy, ozone therapy, LED, color therapy
and collagen lamp.

This device can be programmed for the needs of both beginners
or advanced users and is both user friendly and effective
at delivering an unparalleled cardio workout experience.

The joy
of training

Bodyshape is equipped with an interactive display that offers you many options.
By using the 10.1 inches touch screen, you can check workout statistics, training options, and even launch you favourite apps like Netflix, You Tube or Spotify.

After you set up your workout program, you can choose from over 6 virtual runs for enriching your exercise and directly start your training. Enjoy the motivating music or your movie with our revolutionary treadmill.

Intuitive interface

Exercise with this innovative fitness machine is easy thanks to Bodyshape’s intuitive menu. After just one use you will know everything about how use and manage this fitness machine.

virtual view

This innovative feature enriches the training with a virtual view, synchronized with your running speed and ascents.
Imagine running along the coast of Los Angeles, through the streets of Venice, among the desert sands or forest wilderness are just a few of the many possibilities offered by Multivision.

with touch screen

During training it is also possible to use the apps like (Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Netflix and play videos or audio files). Body Shape is compatible with mobile devices - iPods and iPhones can be easily connected to it.


Information display
speed and inclination angle of the treadmill, vacuum value,infrared intensity, calories burned counter,
time remaining until the end of the training, heart rate level, distance traveled

During training modify parameters according
to your needs.

Control vacuum massage level, treadmill incline, infrared heating sensors, speed and other functions.

Specially designed graphic interface, intuitive and super easy to use.

Choose from 6 custom training programs or simply set your own.

Our menu is multilingual, therefore there is no problem with its operation.

Several innovative technologies in one device

This zero gravity treadmill combines many benefits include body rejuvenation, weight loss, fat cells elimination, detoxication and relaxation. This equipment is perfect for anti-cellulite treatments for women, helping them achieve results in as little as 8 uses. It is safe and easy to use with several customizable options and programs.


Unique combination Vacuum + Infrared heation creates unattainable until now the possibility
of reduction of cellulite, losing extra pounds
and improve overall appearance.

Bodyshape treadmill training ensures improved appearance of the body and skin, relaxation, and energy, which improves our physical and mental state.
This completely new method of fighting with cellulite and excessive fatty tissue with the use of innovative fitness equipment is currently the most effective one and guarantees total success, on condition that an appropriate number of treatments is performed.

Bodyshape full of features

Collagen lamp
Multivision interface
Infrared IR
Control all functions from touch screen
Lunch your favourite apps
Training monitor