Who are the machines suitable for?Are the machines safe?
Vacu Activ equipment are suited for all, despite fitness level or experience. The machines can be used for recovery, pain relief, fitness and weightloss purposes.All our machines are pioneers in the area of safety measures. The devices are hand crafted with 20 years of experience and quality control is a part of our everyday operations. All machines has B, CE certificates.
Can the devices be used alone?Do the machines use software that require updates?
Most of our devices are usable alone, with the exception of the ones that operate with liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy machines) which require a second person in the room for safety reasons.Most of our devices operate on android and they will update them selves when necessary. You don’t need to worry about updating the devices.
How do I maintain the equipment?Can I get a branded device?
The most important maintenance is keeping the machines clean. Our devices come with a 1 year warranty, which includes a yearly maintenance as well as all repairs that might occur during regular use.Yes, you can! Our prices include the colour and logo of your choosing.
What is the delivery time for orders?What is the price of your machines?
Our delivery time is currently 6-8 weeks.You can request a quotation from us. The cost is affected by the size of the order. Prices include training and branding of each product.