As the only company in the market have combined the idea of ​​physical exercise on a treadmill with infrared rays, vacuum and aroma and color in a sealed capsule.

After the first treatment, clients have noticed significant improvement in skin condition.


Excellent results after 8 sessions of treatments:

- apparent loss of unwanted inches (stomach, thighs, buttocks)

- The skin becomes smooth and toned

- delays the aging process of skin

- are removed from the body toxins

- improve the overall physical condition

- There is an acceleration of metabolism

- Regular exercise in the infrared boost energy and vitality

How Long Exercise?
Its depending on the physical treatment should take at last 15 - 30 minutes.

How many treatments and how often?
10 treatments is the minimum recommended amount of exercise. In order to achieve sustainable and tangible results are advised to get about 20 sessions Vacu Activ, Training can be 3 times a week. Please note that the gap between different treatments did not exceed 2 days.
Treatments run in safe for the body temperature of 60 degrees.

Additional recommendations:
You shoul eat a meal 1.5 hours before the excercise on the Vacu Activ. During the procedure you should drink 0.5 liters of still mineral water. In order to complement the loss of electrolytes after train is recommended to drink an isotonic drink.